New Online Schools Page, Troy University Joins the Hall of Shame


The College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degree website has a new online school page.  It has been live for just two days, and has links to about 20 accredited online high schools.  In the near future, it will be expanded to include many, many more kinds of online schools.


What is the price of victory on the football field at Alabama’s Troy University?  That’s not a rhetorical question…it’s a question Troy’s President and athletic staff should be made to answer.

According to newspaper reports, Josh Jarboe will attend Troy and join its football team.  The highly sought after Jarboe was signed by the University of Oklahoma, a team that might be able to score 50 points against every school in the Sun Belt, the conference in which Troy competes.  SThus,  Jarboe would be a great signing for Troy, accept for a few details.

He was convicted of bringing a gun to a GA high school and carrying an unlicensed firearm.  A sympathetic judge reduced the charges to misdemeanors.  Non-cynics can believe it was because Jarboe had no prior convictions.  In this day of increasingly frightening campus violence, those of us who are a bit cynical (or a bit more realistic) are more likely to think Jarboe got the kind of break that seems to be reserved for talented athletes.

Jarboe was sentenced to probation and community service, and Oklahoma stuck with him.  Again, cynics and non-cynics are free to disagree about why.  But, when an online video showed Jarboe rapping about “guns and shooting people” according to an Associated Press article, OK football coach Bob Stoops and/or his superiors had second thoughts.  

Up stepped Troy, which is apparently welcoming Jarboe’s presence. 

If there were a student I cared about at Troy, I’d be contacting the University today to question their decision. 

If I were an administrator at Troy, I would be tring to pull up the welcome mat and let somebody else have the pleasure of Mr. Jarboe’s company. 

If I were a student at Troy, I’d be organizing a protest.  

Let’s see what happens.


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