Oklahoma…Not OK

Not to be outdone by the morons in the Utah and Arizona legislatures, State Representative Jason Murphey has introduced a bill which would make it legal for some folks to carry guns on Oklahoma’s college and university campuses. And, the Oklahoma House of Representatives has approved the bill by a vote of nearly 2 to 1. Some in the Sooner State, it seems, would sooner have weapons in classrooms than not. Who elected these morons? What can be done?

Everyone who works at a college or university in Oklahoma and everyone who attends one should immediately email the Governor and State Senators demanding that the bill be defeated. And, they should work to defeat Murphey and those who helped him pass the bill in the House. In addition, students at Oklahoma colleges, universities and colleges in Utah, and Arizona colleges and universities, should consider having a one day “strike”during which they hold demonstrations at the offices of the politicians who have been responsible for supporting legislation allowing firearms on campuses. And, their friends and family members should join them.

Our bet is that college and university Presidents and faculty will not only support such a “strike”,  but that they will address and/or join the student demonstrators. It would be irresponsible of them not to.


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