Steve Spurrier, another South Carolina Disgrace

The image of South Carolina took a big hit several years ago because it refused to take down the rebel flag flying at the state capital.   Just as that memory has begun to fade, Steve Spurrier has provided all the embarassment the State will need for the next few years.

Oklahoma football coach Barry Spitzer once joked about the University of Oklahoma becoming the kind of university the football team could be proud of.  Texas A&M football coach  Shelby Metcalf  was joking when his response to a football player with four F’s and a D was, “Son, looks to me like you’re spending too much time on one subject”.

But Steve Spurrier was dead serious when he threatened to leave the University of South Carolina because two players he wanted were denied admission.  Not only did he complain, he went public with his complaints, opening his media day news conference with them. 

It seems Spurrier believes the University should admit any student-athlete he would like to have who meets the NCAA minimum requirements. 

And, he apparently thinks that threatening to quit will get him his way.  

That’s no surprise when you remembver how arrogant Spurrier has been throughout his career.  The surprise is that he seems to be right.


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