Should Students Take the ACT or SAT?

One of the most common questions students and their parents ask is whether students are more likely to score well on the ACT or the SAT?   Some of us encourage students to take both tests, as there is no certain way to predict on which an individual student will enjoy the greatest success.  But, there are some interesting opinions on this question, including those of John Katzman, founder and chairman of the Princeton Review.

John graciously gave me permission to reprint one of his recent posts…here it is.

I have worked with a lot of kids on the ACT and SAT, and have found a good rule of thumb:

1) A student is bright but doesn’t work very hard. He or she is very verbal and loves puzzles. Suggest the SAT.

2) A student works really hard and learns a lot, but has trouble with tests. Suggest the ACT.

3) A student fits neither profile, and you need to make a quick decision. Suggest ACT if a girl and SAT if a guy.

By the way, we created the PRA (Princeton Review Assessment) to address this problem. It predicts both SAT and ACT scores.


John Katzman
Founder & Chairman
The Princeton Review
New York, NY 10024

Pretty interesting to get John’s perspective, right?


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