More Colleges Drop ACT/SAT Requirement

Two More Colleges Just Say No to the ACT/SAT 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute is now ACT/SAT optional, joining a growing number of colleges and universities which no longer require standardized test scores for admission.

Wilson College,  one of the dwindling number of colleges for women, is also dropping its standardized test requirements for the next several years.

Can We Get a Little Help Please? 

A few days ago, we thought we could protest against the outrageously high fees charged by some (not all!) college counselors, help 300 college-bound-students, and encourage students to become engaged in community service by offering free college counseling to the first 300 students contacting us by email.   Our offer was (and is) very simple;  just complete a brief questionnaire telling us about your academic background, goals, and preferences, and agree to do two hours of community service wherever you wish.

In exchange, we will email you a list of colleges we think might be a good “match” for you.

It’s hard to describe how excited we were about this project, even if it meant adding hours a week to our already overflowing work schedules.  We were going to help 300 college bound students and they, in turn, were going to provide a minimum of 600 total hours to worthy organizations in their communities.  And, with luck, we might find other qualified educators to assist us and help even more students.

With great enthusiasm we put together a press release and sent it to hundreds of newspapers across the United States.  And, we paid a press release service to submit it to hundreds more.  Then, we waited for the flood of emails and the rush of visitors who might be curious about our Colleges, Scholarships, and Online Degree Website.

And, in just two days we did get emails from students interested in receiving free college counseling.

Two emails.

But, we’re not giving up.  We want to help at least 300 students.  Unfortunately, the newspapers seem more interested in covering Paris Hilton, mothers who murder their children, Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell, etc.  So, we are asking for your help.

Would you please consider forwarding this blog to your friends, posting on the social networking pages and discussion forums (as appropriate) in which you participate, forwarding this to your local newspaper, and otherwise helping us promote our free offer?

With your help, we still hope to offer free college counseling to 300 students and help generate at least 600 hours of community service.

Please take just fifteen minutes of your time helping us get the word out.  You can help us make a difference.

Thank you.


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