Free College Counseling (No Kidding)

I have decided to offer free college counseling (by email and telephone) to up to 300 students who contact me between now and August 15th.  While I will not have the time to do the “start to finish” counseling that good independent and high school counselors do, I believe I can help students get off to a good start by giving them a list of colleges to consider based on their educational achievements, goals, and preferences.  Of course, the list I offer should be used to supplement, not replace, the list of colleges they are already considering or a list given to them by their counselor.

All a student has to do is contact me by email.  I will respond with a series of questions for him/her to answer.  Upon receiving the answers via email, I will recommend between three and ten colleges I believe might be good choices for the individual student, including at least one “safety college”.  Generally, all communication will be handled by email, but I may telephone a student for clarification or to ask follow up questions if required.

There is just one “catch”.  Every student who receives counseling must agree to perform two hours of community service.  I don’t care who you help or where.  Spend two hours in a food kitchen, volunteer in a local hospital, help an elementary school student with his or her homework, cover the telephone at a local charity, donate some time to the nearest animal shelter…it doesn’t matter.  Just get out there for two hours and help somebody.  We’ll both feel good about it. 

If there is anyone out there with college counseling experience who wants to help me, perhaps we can offer free college counseling to even more students.  I would love to get other educators involved in this effort and perhaps expand it.

Please note that I can only offer a college list to students who have completed at least two years of high school and have taken the ACT, PSAT or SAT exams.  Without at least a two year grade point average and test scores, it is impossible to determine which colleges might be realistic choices and a good fit for a student.

Both traditional age students who wish to attend a campus based college or university and adults who wish to earn an online degree can request free college counseling.  

I’m waiting to hear from you.


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