Are Conservative Christian Colleges too Liberal for You? Do we have a university for you!

It’s not hard to find a list of Christian colleges and universities.  And, it’s equally easy to find lists of socially and politically conservative institutions.  The Princeton Review folks publish a new list every year, as do a number of politically and/or religiously oriented groups and organizations.  Brigham Young University, Clemson University, Baylor University, James Madison University and all male Hampden-Sydney College are among the mainstream institutions found on such lists. 

But, there are many other conservative colleges and universities, some of which make places like James Madison, Clemson, etc. seem very middle of the road.  

One group, the Young America’s Foundation, publishes a list of their top conservative colleges and a “dirty dozen” list of colleges at which they believe there are “troubling instances of leftist activism.”   Guess which list includes Christendom College, College of the Ozarks, Grove City College, Harding University, and Liberty University, and which list features Cornell University, Duke University, Amherst College, UCLA, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Michigan?

But, what if Liberty University, Grove City College, etc.  aren’t conservative enough to suit you?  Of course there is always Bob Jones University, and Pat Robertson’s Regent University.  But, if you have concerns about them as well, and/or if you want an online education, we have just the university for you!  

It’s Robert Welch University, named after the founder of the ultraconservative John Birch Society.  Welch and the John Birch Society had/have great distaste for such things as income tax and civil rights legislation.  Theirs is not the conservatism of Barry Goldwater,  Ronald Reagan, and George Will.   Make no mistake about that. 

RWU boasts about its faculty, but the faculty information link on its website leads nowhere.  Could a  degree from RWU lead to the same destination?


Started in 2005, RWU does not appear to have any meaningful accreditation or even candidacy status for accreditation.  And, the University website says it “does not accept any form of government funded financial aid”…not surprising in light of the Birchers’ political philosophy and the lack of institutional accreditation.


RWU is, if nothing else,  further evidence of the truth of the saying, “There is a college for everyone”.





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