On-Campus and Online Education

Big Changes in FAFSA May be Coming

Senate Democrats have proposed reducing the FAFSA…the form students must complete to qualify for federal financial aid…to half its current length.   Although passage of the bill  is  not assured, there is significant  support for it on behalf of several groups.

Possible Inappropriate Relationships Between Colleges and Lenders

New York State is exploring the possibility that lenders improperly, and perhaps illegally, compensated colleges and universities including St. Johns University and Drexel University to “steer” students to them.  Expect there to be prolonged investigation into the relationships between educational institutions and lenders.

Davidson College Steps up to the Plate

Davidson College will replace need-based student loans with institutional grants.  While Harvard, Princeton and other exceptionally highly endowed institutions have adopted this policy, Davidson is among the first colleges with a more modest endowment to do so.  Look for more of their peers to follow suite.


The Louisiana legislature is considering grants of up to $2,000 a year to Pell eligible students enrolled in Louisiana colleges and universities.   The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Louisiana State University are also establishing significant grants for high need students.


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