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Four Colleges with a Unique Difference

Do you realize that there are four colleges in the United States which allow students to earn a degree in four years by taking a course at a time rather than taking three to six courses a quarter, trimester or semester?

If you are the kind of student who finds it easier to concentrate on a single task than to juggle responsibilities, these three colleges may be for you. All three offer a series of three to four week terms during which students complete a single course. Thus, at the end of a traditional academic year, students will have earned as many credits as those enrolled at colleges with more traditional terms/academic calendars.

Other than the advantage of having just one course on which to focus, the “one-course-at-a-time” system offers other possible advantages. One that comes to mind quickly is that if you are taking a course with an exceptionally heavy workload, a course in which you are not interested or a course you find particularly difficult (organic chemistry?) you pain will end in three or four, not sixteen, weeks.

Conversely, if you are taking a course you really enjoy, you get three to four weeks of pure joy, unspoiled by a course or professor you would rather not have.

The most selective of the three colleges offering the one-course-at-a-time calendar is Colorado College. Cornell College (Iowa), not to be confused with Cornell University in Ithaca, New York is also fairly selective. Tusculum College (Tennessee) and Maharishi University of Management (Iowa) are somewhat less selective.

You can find website links and contact information for all four colleges at Colleges, Online Degrees, and Scholarships.

Maharishi, by the way, is unique in several others ways, as you’ll learn if you investigate it. It is not for everyone, but it is a very interesting, unusual institution.

A Good Source of College News

One of the great ways for students to learn more about the colleges they are considering is to check out (online) their student newspapers. A great source of general college news is the daily college newspaper article summary on EdNews.

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